Child Care Learning Center & Private Kindergarten

It's Important

Choosing the right Child Care Center for your child is one of the most important determinations in your life. We want you to decide with confidence.

We want you to be confident and appeased that your child is in the best care available.


Our Difference

10 Reasons To Enroll Your Child Today!

1. High quality child care in a caring environment with high level of personalized attention for each child from 6 weeks old to 6 years old.

2. An outstanding learning environment that fosters a learning foundation for our children.

3. Our curriculum with language-rich actions places a strong emphasis on the development of comprehension skills through meaningful activities.

4. Safe environment with four-layer security protection including 24-hr. recorded video surveillance, computer controled entry points, silent alarm, personnel at the front door.

5. Great high-quality nutrition: breakfast, hot lunches and healthy snacks. We assure every child receives high-quality nutrition through well-balanced meals freshly cooked every day by our chef, served family style to increase children's independence and table manners.

6. Kids learn good manners. Our children learn how to respect their environment while developing a sense of responsibility for self and others.

7. A clean and well managed child care facility.

8. We exceed state and national licensing standards.

9. We conduct an extensive background check on every employee in addition to surveillance cameras through out our facility and outdoor playground areas to ensure the safety of our children and staff.

10. Fun and exciting outdoor activities. Our playgrounds design with safety and security in mind for each of our age groups of children.